Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Flowers-Aucuba

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by Michelle Armas
for more of her work

When I heard my church was removing mature aucuba shrubs to make way for new landscaping, I had a great idea...scavenge their carcasses for my own landscaping.  Rushing to their rescue...and with the help of the puzzled work crew, I pulled some pieces from the heap of debris.  

Not sure if I got enough of their root system or not...only time will tell.  Great idea...perhaps not the best propagation.

Trimmed and tucked into pots

In case they fail, I've placed some cuttings in water in hopes of rooting for future propagation.  Another flowerless Friday Flowers

Speckles of green and gold (aka gold-dust plant) like that in Michelle Armas' painting adorn its leaves
Aucuba Japonica

Easy to root...and while you wait for signs of life, its evergreen leaves stay fresh.  Have long admired this hardy shrub in the landscape and the memories of my elderly neighbor from my years in Richmond, Virginia.  Memories of her sitting on her sofa, beneath a formal portrait of her much younger to a table upon which always seemed to be a vase of aucuba cuttings.  The vase full of white roots curling around the confines of the container.
Will update when roots appear

An arrangement incorporating aucuba
by James Farmer of All Things Farmer

The male Martha Stewart for lack of a better description
via here

Turns out, Martha (the Martha) loves them too
see here



Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Jennifer, you always have such great styling of various trimmings/plants in your home. I'm getting an education from your posts as well! Have a great weekend.

I Dream Of said...

Such lovely leaves - the yellow-green speckles are so pretty. I hope the plants you rescued thrive in their new home. Love the painting, too! XO

pve design said...

If you ever had to choose another career, you could open a florist shop, only yours might include weeds and lots of other things, not just flowers. I love your take on flora and fauna. Gorgeous painting too.

Catherine said...

You just made me like acuba, a plant I've never much cared for! Holy cow do you have a talent for making things beautiful!

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