Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday Flowers

"Green how I want you green.  Green wind.  Green branches."
-Federica Garcia Lorca

via here
Green Leaves
by French artist and textile designer
Paule Marrot (1902-1987)

You'll often find my "Friday Flowers"posts do not include flowers at all...but just green.  Branches from a Sparkleberry tree fill vases this week.  An evergreen shrub or small tree, the Sparkleberry is native to the Southeastern United States 

 Its sturdy branches are easy to arrange and can remain fresh for at least a week

Weighted by woody stems and dense leaves, oysters shells hold them in place

Mixed with dried palmetto fronds

Best part about using branches from the yard...they're free!  Well, as long as it's your yard

Hey, Mom...if you're reading this I cut a few Sparkleberry branches from your yard while you were out of town.  Love you


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Wow, these look so pretty.... such a statement maker. Love the oyster shells as "frog". Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Haaa - gorgeous! Agree with Crissy, those oyster shells are great.
At a recent corporate function we hosted at our home, a few colleagues were commenting on one of my arrangements. "My mom stole those from the neighbor's yard," T loudly announced to the admirers.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks y'all

I love T!!!!

I Dream Of said...

So pretty, and like the others I am loving the oyster shells. I'll be painting green leaves in my botanical illustration class this afternoon and you've inspired me to cut a few extra branches to bring indoors to enjoy the lush summer color. Happy Weekend, Jennifer! XO

Jennifer C. Webb said...

IDO: ah, would love to join your botanical illustration class! Enjoy

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