Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday Flowers

"Anything for you gardenia blossom"
-Barney Fife

Anything for you gardenia blossom

Gardenia-oil on canvas
Vadim Klevenskiy via here

Blooms from our gardenia, floating in water...floating fragrance throughout the house

The gardenia, named in honor of Dr. Alexander Garden (1730-1791.)  A Scottish-born physician and naturalist who lived in Charleston, SC (1752-1783) where he collected and studied native species.  

Interestingly, the gardenia is not one of them...and not even an American species.  It is native to the tropical regions of Africa, southern Asia and Oceania.

I'm just thankful it thrives here in small town South Carolina


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

So pretty...... I love your gardenia on display to enjoy both thru sight and smell. Hope "Mayhem" finally got some rest and you too! Here's praying for a peaceful weekend for you!!! :)

Gail, in northern California said...

The sound clip from Barney Fife is, well...can't think of a word...precious, maybe.

There are a few men who I would swear were angels who walked the earth...Red Skelton, Jim Henson, Paul Lynde, Charles Schulz, Tim Conway, and, yes, Don Knotts. Kind and gentle souls, through and through.

Thanks for starting my day just right.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

what a great list Gail....I'll add Jimmy Stewart

I Dream Of said...

So gorgeous. Gardenias don't love our cool Pacific Northwest climate, so I'll live vicariously through you! I can almost smell them.

Have a lovely weekend! XO

Gail, in northern California said...

Yes, Jimmy Stewart would qualify. And perhaps Gary Cooper in the movie Friendly Persuasion. A movie I could watch over and over again.

A female angel-on-earth might be Betty White.

There's a goodness about them that surpasses mere mortals.

pve design said...

I can still smell that heady scent from my wedding bouquet. I wanted the same flowers my mother had in her wedding bouquet.
Hope you are well.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

PVE: my Mother carried them in her wedding and I wore a single bloom in my hair during my reception. The smell always brings me back to my wedding. You must have an anniversary coming up...time for the gardenias to bloom

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