Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mad Men

Looking forward to Season 5 premiere of Mad Men on March, 25th.  I love the clothes and vintage interiors...but thankful to be a working woman in a more modern world.  

The MEN who illustrated the below campaign must be MAD

"Published in the interest of Better Grooming for the Job"
circa 1952

*click to enlarge

My working wardrobe usually involves some form of stretchy fabric, a pony tail and minimal make-up.  Thank goodness for telecommuting.  Based on the list below I have some room for improvement  

*click to enlarge

Found via

Check out his blog

"A million words on connections in the history of science,
math and technology with images, social history
and general found environments"

UPDATE:  wrote the post above without realizing it is INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY

Perfect timing

For more information about the modern working woman, check out the article below...for the first time, woman hold more than 1 in 10 boards seats globally


Gail, in northern California said... you were still in grammar school. I'm surprised they didn't check your ears.

I'm 67 years old and one thing I still remember--vividly. And no doubt this was a man's idea but we were required to wear a dress or skirt/blouse or sweater with high heels. Seventeen years old in 1962. First job in the basement of a large insurance company in the Financial District of San Francisco. Before and after work, I had a six block walk to the Ferry Building where I caught a Greybound bus home. From the bus depot to my home a few more blocks and still in those damn heels.

It wasn't until years later that women wised up and started changing in and out of tennis shoes. I believe it was Wells Fargo Bank that was the first to permit--horrors!--pantsuits. AND pantyhose were a revelation! No more girdles! Oh gawd, I'm sounding more ancient by the minute. Best stop here.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Gail: so what is a "dress shield?" I'm so thankful for technology...I don't even have a commute anymore!

Gail, in northern California said...

Thankfully, I came after the dress shield crowd but I understand they were slightly padded (to absorb?) and they were attached to the armpit of the dress. I presume with tiny snaps. Perhaps other bloggers could enlighten us.

Not only are you lucky but you're doing the rest of the world a great service but not driving to work. I would bet my last dollar that time spent working at home is far more productive too. Surely, many times after your girls are in bed you go back to the drawing board and really concentrate..."Now, why isn't this working?"

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Dress shields sound torturous! I have no "quitting time" day is done when the work is done. Yes, much too often I'm back in the office after bed time. Tiring but necessary in the modern world. But thankful my commute is as short as my internet connection

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