Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Girlfriend Summit 2012

"Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist
as much as a friend to be silly with"
-Robert Brault

Heading to Nashville for a weekend with three dear girlfriends.  From different states (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee) we meet up as often as our schedules allow.

Our conversations have progressed over the years from engagements and home life, pregnancies and children

We share birthday party ideas...

fashion and beauty regimens

We discuss the latest in interior design and...

of course, our mischievous children

Photography by Holly Andres

Find more of her work at the link below

Upon arrival, it's as if someone presses "GO!"  We spend three days in a swarm of talking, laughing and catching up.  We leave with notes, ideas and inspiration.  As one husband so cleverly observed...these girl weekends cost more than the flight, hotel room and travel expenses considering the new "must have" lists we all come home with.  

One of our group intimated that this past week she felt like she was preparing for a slumber party...indeed, and I can't wait!

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