Sunday, March 4, 2012

Creative Friend

Lucy, me, Suzanne
University of Georgia-circa 1995

Those days we were all juggling studies, football games, frat parties, and post-graduate plans.  I headed to graduate school and my friend Lucy to NYC for an exciting job at Sotheby's.  I would come home exhausted from a day spent dissecting a cadaver to muffled messages on my answering machine...

"hey, Mick Jagger is in my office right now"

"JFK Jr. was here today and we toootally made eye contact"

These days, life is a little different...but no less exciting.  Rather than celebrities...Lucy is juggling two young sons, a beautiful home and a growing interior design firm in Norfolk, Virginia. 

via here

You will never find Lucy's home the same way you left it.  A recent visit was no exception...I arrived to find her waterfront home had undergone a large scale renovation/addition with fresh interiors to go with it.  Still in progress, Lucy describes her home as "evolving."  

Madeline Weinrib rug

Collection of Herend China-Chinese bouquet pattern in green

A gifted artist as well, her work is elegantly displayed throughout her home.  Abstract, textured and colorful.

Lucy's workspace with works in progress

canvas creatively framed within a lucite box

Lucy travels to the NYC Design Center twice a year, always prepared to assist her clients. 

a small selection of her huge fabric library
being silly in her office

For more information or to inquire about design services,
check out her BRAND NEW blog

Sure to be inspiring, creative and like



Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Absolutely stunning. That girl has some major style! The bar under the stairs..... brilliant!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Crissy: even her apartment during college was stylish...she had a picnic table as a dining table, it takes talent to make that work ha

pve design said...

I think I need to meet up with y'all.
What style she oozes....and you too.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Patricia: our maturity level seems to disappear when Lucy and I get high is your tolerance for juvenile humor? Thank goodness for friends that allow you to be silly....and husbands who just ignore it

I Dream Of said...

Lucy's home is lovely! How wonderful that you've been able to keep your creative connection going through the years.


wow!! all the wonderful comments!! thanks to all of you! case, can i hire you to be my photographer-you are AWESOME!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

hope y'all are having fun in Snowshoe...looking forward to your next post after you get home. Have fun

Simple Dwellings said...

I am so happy to find your blog through pinterest. I actually posted about Lucy's home on my blog today! happy to find new blogs! :)

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