Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"I'll tell you how to stay young...hang around with older people"
-Bob Hope

It's my birthday today, the last of my thirties!  During a recent visit with my Great Aunt at her assisted-living facility she told me I looked like a teenager.  Age is relative I guess.

Aunt Audrey has never been much of a talker.  Her friends however were full of conversation.  One in particular, Jackie, is well into her eighties...and full of stories and wisdom.

She recalled her four pregnancies...the last of which produced twins.  She recounted a conversation she had with her husband while still in the hospital after giving birth to her twins...

"When they started coming in pairs I informed my husband that somebody was gonna get cut before we left the hospital...and it's not going to be me"

Miss Jackie, this is for of my recent illustrations

"Middle age is when a guy keeps turning off the lights for economical rather than romantic reasons"
-Eli Cass


jillian platt said...

Happy Birthday Jenn. Hope you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Jennifer!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you next week.

Gail, in northern California said...

I'll bet your Aunt Audrey has enjoyed Miss Jackie's company down through the years...I know I would.
I enjoy being with women who are witty and outspoken-without an ounce of malice.

Hope you've treated yourself to a wonderful birthday weekend.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, count down to 40 is on!

pve design said...

I am late to wish you a happy birthday and I do hope that you tied one you coast to your 40's.
May you always look and act like a teenager.
Great illustration.
I love my twins and your Aunties!

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