Sunday, February 5, 2012

Use your imagination

"Everything you can imagine is real"
-Pablo Picasso

Boy with a Pipe
From Picasso's rose period (1904-1906)

This is going to be a rose this stage you'll have to use your imagination 

This may to enlarge

I've hauled countless truck loads of dirt, manure and soil conditioner.  The six tea olives are now in the ground, the beds are prepared and I'm searching for my arbor.

I imagined it...and it's almost real!

All roses can be found via English breeder David Austin

"After fifty years of intensive breeding, David Austin's English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat-flowering of modern roses.  They are easy to grow, healthy and reliable."

From his website



Anonymous said...

It is going to be beautiful! Can not wait to see it in person. SB

Jennifer C. Webb said...

SB: I just ordered my roses...have waited 5 years for this day! Please come see us...and before I kill the roses

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous plans, and so exciting! Where does the arbor lead?
xo, MK

Jennifer C. Webb said...

to Scarlett's condo and the irrigation well...nothing fancy ha

Anonymous said...

Lucky dog! We should all have such an entrance!

I Dream Of said...

I imagine it will be absolutely beautiful! I love David Austin Roses. The color, the fragrance. How wonderful to see your garden grow!

pve design said...

A rose is a rose.
I already imagine it will be a lovely spot.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

PVE: are you ever commissioned to paint gardens? If so, would love to see that work

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