Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The rose of winter

"I had to go back to that see if camellias were in bloom"
-Lucinda Williams

Fine art photographs by DUEALBERI,
a creative studio based in Rome
and owned by Antonia and Fabio Duealberi.  


While everything else is dormant, camellias are a flash in the winter landscape...the rose of winter.  

No hope of snow this mild winter...will settle for white camellia petals on the ground

Some of our favorites from the yard

Always the last to bloom, a large shrub along the drive

One of its early blooms

We're busy picking flowers to bring inside...
will share our harvest later this week

For the camellia lover...
Middleton Place, a plantation outside Charleston, SC hosts their annual Camellia Walk February 12th-March 24th.  

"Special guided tours focus on camellias throughout the original gardens as well as the “new” camellia garden of the 1950s. Admire hundreds of varieties, including the 1786 Reine des Fleurs, one of the first camellias planted in America."

Would make a great Valentine's gift...hey Stud, are you reading this?


designchic said...

There is nothing as beautiful as a camellias bloom when the weather is cold. Yours are so pretty, as are your wonderful "helpers"!!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks DC...hope my helpers grow to love camellias as much as I do

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Our camellias left a while ago. Buying cut tulips, and waiting for spring.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

MK: hope you'll send pics when your roses are blooming!

Denise said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Denise

Duealberi said...

Wow, we have just discovered your beautiful post and would like to thank you for including our art in this beauty! We adore camellias too and actually have the possibility to enjoy them in our garden!

Thank you again, Jennifer!

Antonia and Fabio

Jennifer C. Webb said...

love that the internet has made the world so small! And introduced me to new artists...while some work begins to look the same. Yours stands's new, unique and inspired. Amazed by your work...have stared in wonder at your technique.

Duealberi said...

Thank you, Jennifer! It is really wonderful that the world is so small so we can communicate in this way! Thank you for your words, we are still working on our technique. Your work is impressive and it looks incredibly difficult to do such beautiful illustrations! We are already following you blog and pinterest! Have a wonderful weekend!
Greetings from Rome!

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