Thursday, February 16, 2012


They're roses have arrived!

Soaking the roots in preparation for planting

Speaking of roots, batik artist Leo Twiggs has deep roots in South Carolina.  Those roots inspire his work...addressing themes including "race, black culture, politics and relationships between generations." 

With degrees from Clafin University, New York Universtiy and a doctorate in Art Education from the University of Georgia, Mr. Twiggs developed the Fine Art Department at South Carolina State University.

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A common theme in his work is the confederate flag.  By painting these flags he "denied whites a monopolistic hold on this icon of exclusiveness...simply by painting it."

Leo Twiggs' work is for everyone

More of his work available through

Charleston, South Carolina


pve design said...

I truly hope to come one day and share paint and paint those roses, thorns and all that goes with it.
Beautiful post!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thank you Patricia!

Denise said...

Good for him – Mr. Twiggs sounds like a neat guy! Can't wait to see the roses as they grow and flourish!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Denise...fingers crossed they survive our hot summers

Bethany said...

His work is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see your rose garden. I bet it will be beautiful too!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Bethany: hope you and Audrey can come help us pick some this summer

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