Thursday, February 23, 2012

Artist Hobo

"The relationship between a viewer and a painting, or an audience and a performance, is a very simple and primitive engagement that has always existed and always will"
-Scott Avett, from "My Search for Truth"
Muse & Spirit, Winter 2010

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Scott Avett is not only a member of the North Carolina based southern folk rock band, The Avett Brothers, he is also an accomplished artist.  Described as an "Artist Hobo" for his manner of collecting subject matter, inspiration and mediums.  His music is a mix of genres...folk, country, bluegrass and honky tonk.  His artwork is equally nuanced.

A collection of his paintings will be exhibited tonight
at The Educational Center in Charlotte, NC.

"He is a truth-seeker who uses various media--illustration, printmaking, painting, sculpture, songwriting, recording and performing"
-quoted from here

A sampling of his work

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Not your typical "hobo"

A little Avett Brothers for your weekend!

The Avett Brothers Sing, As I Went Down To The Valley To Pray from Cracker Farm on Vimeo.

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