Monday, December 12, 2011

A Vintage Tree



Years past I have struggled with stringing lights, arranging ornaments and creating a grown-up tree.  Not this year.  This year I scoured the aisles of Wal-Mart and Dollar General...for (gulp) tinsel and gaudy garland.

My late Grandmother allowed the grandchildren to decorate her little elves we tossed tinsel with no regard for aesthetics.  I now have those vintage ornaments and children of my own.  Like a ghost from Christmas past, my inner child tore into the tinsel.

No color schemes or themes, just fun.  You may call our tree many things...tacky, trashy, a fire hazard.  I call it "vintage."

Mischief's Merry-Okee caroling set the mood for our decorating.

Mema's ornaments

"Oh look, we've made enchantment"
-Blanche DeBois (Streetcar Named Desire)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - love the tinsel! And your grandmother's ornaments - very special.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing Mema's tree ornaments!! This brought back so many happy memories. jps

Jennifer C. Webb said...

JPS: Parker and I had so much fun putting tinsel on her tree

pve design said...

positively enchanting. I adore your sparkly tree.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the old fashioned tinsel? The stuff they pass off as tinsel now doesn't have th weight it used to. If you can give me a source that would be wonderful.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

believe I found that tinsel at a local drug store. But Terrain has much better tinsel….and you can even find some vintage authentic tinsel on Ebay.

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