Monday, December 19, 2011

In my studio

Dana Tanamachi via Design Sponge

In my studio, the only thing I feel today is a pressure headache...a seasonal cold has arrived just in time for the holidays.  Thankfully, it is quiet in the studio...for I have a mountain of records to read for an upcoming case

Hoping to find a cure in a box of sinus relief and a mug of hot chocolate

Ho, Ho, Ho...cough, cough, cough


Anonymous said...

Oh no -feel better soon! I just finished a Baileys on the rocks to ease my rotten attitude, but I think it helps with coughs as well.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Bailey's ha!. Bah Humbug

Anonymous said...

I hope you both feel better, both of your beverages sound good and should take care of your symptoms!

pve design said...

If I lived around the corner or shared that office space, I would bring you the best hot toddy ever and send you off to bed. My Mother-in-law taught me wisely.
You have to drink it in bed. SMart woman.
Love your office.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

hope my girls leave Santa a hot toddy!

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