Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mr. Webb goes to Paris

"In Paris they simply stared when I spoke to them in French;
I never did succeed in making those idiots understand their own language"
-Mark Twain

Je parle un peu de francais...but John speaks none.  However, he can read a map...and we learned that I cannot.  Despite the language barrier he managed just fine.  For no matter where we are, he is always prepared, always kind and most importantly he has humility...a universal language that is indispensable while traveling.

My travel partner

He carried the bag (maps, camera, travel guide, lipstick etc.) all over Paris

He checked on Mischief and Mayhem via blackberry

He picked up picnic fare at a nearby market

Always prepared...his swiss army knife prepared our lunch

Cleaned up for a romantic aperitif

While relaxing at a cafe, a sudden breeze blew the napkin, check etc. from the table next to us.  John went to retrieve it for the appreciative Japanese tourist.  She pulled some origami paper from her bag and offered it to John with gratitude.  No common language needed.

He not only endeared himself to the patrons of Paris, but the bartenders too!  While out for the evening at the jazz club Le Caveau du la Huchette, John was disappointed with the watered down beer.  Rather than complain, he requested the bartenders add a shot of tequila and dress it with a lime.  At which time the bartenders flashed the "ok" sign with a smile...again, no need for common language.

When back for the next round they (now in perfect English) invited him to join them for a shot.

Thank you John for the sentimental journey

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