Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kindred Spirits

Modern twist of Mary Delany's work?  The following artists use modern techniques to create work that evoke the feeling of Mary Delany's 200 year old flower studies.  

(Charleston, South Carolina-
recently relocated to Boulder, Colorado)

Karin Olah "works in a manner that mimics the flow of paint from a brush."  She cuts and pastes fabric, combined with acrylic, gouache and graphite to create intricate collages.

(Upper Montclair, New Jersey)

Originally a photographer of punk rockers this artist has turned her camera in a different direction...hence the name of her website Punk & Roses.  She creates dream-like collages using flowers, seashells and even weeds.
"In the botanical world, there is always more to see.  No matter how closely you look, it seems there is always another dimension waiting to reveal its miracle to you"
-from her website

Website:  Punk & Roses

(Ellis Hollow, New York)

A communications specialist in the Department of Horticulture at Cornell University, Craig Cramer describes himself as a "sloppy gardener who just loves to grow stuff."  His "bloom day scans" showcase his a gardener and while perhaps not intentional, as an artist.  He chronicles his scans and horticultural adventures on his blog Ellis Hollow.

Blog:  Ellis Hollow

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