Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"The lintel low enough to keep out pomp and pride; The threshold high enough to turn deceit aside; The doorband strong enough from robbers to defend; This door will open at a touch welcome every friend"

-Henry Jackson van Dyke

Spent last Saturday in the most hospitable city...Charleston.  Every door welcoming and garden gates left ajar allowing curious peaks inside. 

South Carolina Society Hall
Meeting Street
Broad Street
Meeting & Tradd Streets
View from a friend's driveway

Nathaniel Russell House

Lunchtime at Husk

Tea and snacks greeting guests at the Planters Inn
(design by Amelia Handegan)

Then came across this...no, are YOU serious.  Not so hospitable


Anonymous said...

You Meeting Street photo with the dogs is perfect. I want to go back!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

They were outside watching a wedding across the street ...I swear

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