Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall, leaves, fall

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree

-Emily Jane Bronte

Fall to Earth:  Kate Hastie

Falling Leaf:  Elizabeth Leary

The recent cool weather has been a welcome respite from the indian summer heat.  The falling leaves, pumpkins, and crisp blue sky make spending time outdoors irresistible.  Hosting the Spring Beauty Garden Club this month allowed the perfect opportunity to bring the fall season indoors.  

*Click images to enlarge

Pumpkins and cabbages

The Spring Beauty Garden Club was founded in 1954 at the home of Mrs. D. R. Coker, fondly known as Miss May, with 22 women present.  It is a member of the National Federation of Garden Clubs and like those original 22 ladies, our commitment continues to beautify Hartsville. 

Photo from the annual chapeaux luncheon held last May at the home of Joan S. Coker (Mrs. Charles W. Coker) overlooking her Loutrel Briggs designed garden.  I have a lot to learn from these ladies!

More from our October meeting

Mums, smilax, and sweetgrass...a favorite South Carolina combination
Loquat branches from our yard mixed with dried palmetto fronds from the farm

Loquat leaves, cabbages, and smilax

Refreshments and fellowship, my favorite part of our meetings

Cheese benne wafers, macaroons, chocolate ganache cupcakes provided
by Saffron's, assorted pecans from Young's Plantations, and ham biscuits...
more on the biscuits later

So thankful to live near family.  Borrowed silver tray from my Mother and hit the "mother-load" of glassware via my Mother-in-law.  When asked may I borrow a few glasses...she sent over two boxes of the most expertly wrapped perfect glasses.

Served indian summer's apple-ginger sparkler, recipe found on the fabulously southern blog All Things Farmer.  Click image below for the recipe.

As I mentioned before I have a lot to learn from all of these particular my Mother who just happens to be the current President of the Spring Beauties.  Spent a week listening to her insistence (um, bullying) that I serve ham biscuits.  "It's fall, you have to have just have to ."  Felt I was being usurped.  I stood my ground, refusing to give in...right or wrong.  

My sister offered moral support.  But I'm weak, the night before garden club I found myself making biscuits.  Check out the platter...they're gone...except for the last lonely biscuit that always seems to remain...regardless of the function.  

 Sorry to my sister...but Mom babysits.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love the picture of women in your garden club, so much to learn. -Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. You have inspired me to see what greenery I can bring indoors. The lone ham biscuit made me giggle!

ABG said...

Fall is my favorite time of year. Do you remember the leaves that we'd press between wax paper at Presbyterian preschool? My favorite. I enjoy your posts, they are always so educational and inspiring.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

hi Ashley, love your pic...your Mom is still just as gorgeous I'm sure. Just dropped off my oldest at First Presbyterian 3k! Wonder if they will press leaves this fall

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