Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Class

Graphic Designer:  Ernesto Fajardo

Enrolled "Mischief and Mayhem" in art class at our local Arts Council.  Described as a "creative learning experience."  I learned something...Ann Parker loves paint, she being the mayhem part of the duo mentioned above.

She was going for something like this...but messed up

Adam Ant


At least she tried to clean up

Thank you Black Creek Arts Council, we had a blast...sorry about the mess.


Bethany Perry said...

What a great post! Love how you are capturing your kids' life. So glad that you guys came! Can't wait to do it again (and read more of your lovely blog!)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks thankful to have a class for the little ones. What a great turnout, well done

Anonymous said...

Love Ann Parker's outfit, the green paint look soo good with it! Suzanne

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