Monday, September 26, 2011


An early silhouette
Modern silhouettes
Sally Singer at Home in NYC

The silhouette artform began in mid 18th century France and is believed to have acquired its name from early silhouette artist Eteinne De Silhouette.  The artform eventually migrated to America where it has remained popular for "it's uniqueness, charm, and artistic quality."

Enter a well-appointed southern home and you are likely to see a silhouette...and it is even more likely that it was created by Carew Rice, hailed by Poet Carl Sandburg as "America's Greatest Silhouettist."  His grandson, Clay Rice, is an equally talented silhouette artist (as well as author) creating silhouettes for a new generation.  Both grandfather and grandson have depicted a variety of subjects...including portraiture and scenes of their native south.

More information can be found on the Rice Galleries website.

Carew Rice

Great Blue Heron in Cypress-Clay Rice

My husband was about the same age as our oldest daughter, Caroline, when Carew Rice cut his silhouette.  So I was thrilled when Clay recently came to town so she could sit for him.  "Sit" is a relative term...despite her squirming, Clay was able to capture her likeness.

Father and daughter

Carew Rice 1966 ~ Clay Rice 2011

Thank you Burry Bookstore for hosting Clay Rice

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