Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pin it!

Image found via Pinterest
Source http://www.quoteskine.co.uk

Do you Pinterest?  It's a virtual pinboard... allowing you to save, organize and share images you find on the web.  Brilliant, I love the internet!

Visit the Pinterest site and "request an invitation" and start pinning...a quick tutorial I created below.

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Anonymous said...

Cool tutorial - not sure how you did that! Love your pinterest profile photo best. Now if only I could get on pinterest and dodge FB!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

you can unlink your facebook account once created (I did)....so I wonder if you could set up a temporary FB account, sign up with Pinterest and then delete your FB account.

Or try e-mailing the address below to ask for assistance?


Would be so much fun to share good finds with each other between girl trips!


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