Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art In Situ-Part II

A gift from my sister upon my college graduation as I was preparing to move to Augusta, Georgia for graduate school.

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Guest Bath

An antique hand-tinted engraving of Augusta as seen from "the hill" section of town.

A mixed media piece created by two dear artists friends, Cheryl and Arnel Reynon.  Presented to my husband and me as a wedding gift.  Currently hanging in my daughter's room in hopes that she will be inspired to appreciate art as well.  If the house ever catches on fire, will be one of the first items I grab!

Caroline's Room

Psalm 36:7-Cheryl and Arnel Reynon

Many years ago, I babysat the young children of then local artist Mary Grayson Segars.  After putting her boys to sleep I would admiringly flip through her sketch book.  She now lives in Beaufort, SC so I was thrilled she returned to town for a show at our local arts council a few years ago at which time I was able to acquire one of her paintings.

Family Room

An antique anatomical engraving found in a scientific bookshop in Georgetown, DC

And now, one of my favorites...nestled among the oatmeal and graham crackers.


Created by Caroline Webb

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