Monday, September 19, 2011

Art In Situ-Part I


Do you live with art?  Upon entering a home, I'm always interested in seeing how the art is arranged, presented and displayed.  While I enjoy browsing museums, galleries and even the internet I love to see art in-situ within one's intimate and non-intimidating environment.  The story behind each acquisition can be as interesting as the piece itself...unless you're told "I just needed something above my sofa."

Art is such an integral part of interior design.  One of my favorite designers, Amelia Handegan, once said that her approach to decorating her own house is to have an adequate place to display her art collection.

My collection is in its infancy.  A mix of my own work (it's free after all), gifts and a few purchases.  In situ...with their stories.

*click to enlarge images

Living room mantle
A photograph I took (circa 1995) of a historic graveyard in Athens, Georgia located behind Sanford Stadium (another "graveyard" of sorts.) 

Graveyard, Athens Georgia-Jennifer C. Webb

Living Room
A figure study from my college years...during my first (nude) figure drawing class.  I love how the paper has oxidized to a soft ochre.

Figure Study-Jennifer C. Webb

Living Room

My first real art acquisition.  Acquired from my former professor, David Mascaro.  David is a well known and successful medical illustrator and truly one of the best professors of my academic life.  He has been equally successful in his retirement while painting and managing his own gallery in Augusta, Georgia.

David Mascaro

Lowcountry scene given to me by three dear and life-long friends as a wedding gift while at dinner in Charleston, SC... a memorable evening.

Heron-oil on canvas

Hidden behind the ivy jungle is a painting my parents thoughtfully brought back from Italy a few summers ago.  It should be more artfully displayed...but it's "artfully" disguising a blemish in my mirror frame.

Dining Room

Ciao! More to come in Part II, stay tuned...


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Beautiful post, beautiful home. - Suzanne

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