Friday, September 23, 2011

Allegory of Night

My latest treasure finally arrived on my doorstep!  By way of Treillage, a favorite shop in NYC.

This terracotto plaque based on Bertel Throvaldsen's work (a Danish sculptor who spent most of his life in Italy 1789-1838) expresses so well that time of early evening that I love so much. The day is almost done, the house is beginning to quiet and there are sleepy babies on my shoulders.  

Hung in the foyer along the path I take every night as we head to bed.  It's my memento of this special time.

Mr. Webb...who would rather be
climbing a deer stand this time of year than a step stool.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

Love your writing, and the plaque! Congrats on the recognition on Bunny Williams' Treillage FB page!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Margaret, brings back memory of our NYC shopping trip a few years back

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