Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Studio

"That which you elect to surround yourself with becomes the museum of your soul and the archive of your experiences"

-Thomas Jefferson

My studio is my Monticello of sorts.  It's my office, at times my haven...and an archive of my experiences.  Jefferson built Monticello in order to have an "adequate place to contemplate the universe."  Here in my studio I'm surrounded by natural light, books, artwork and mementos, all of which inspire me and ultimately help me contemplate my universe...however so humble.  A tour...

Double click images for larger view

Work space must include a table for the "little people" who come visit

My desk

From the garden

View from my desk

My inspiration board

A birthday card from years ago, still makes me laugh
My Dad...seersucker suit, wine and William F. Buckley.
A reminder to enjoy the moment
A treasure I found years ago in a Georgetown, DC book shop specializing
in scientific subjects.  Hand painted, dated late 18th century.  Have always
assumed it to be a physician's documentation of a patient's condition

A work of my own.  The sacrum, illustrated with carbon dust 1997

Studio security...Fed Ex man has learned to knock softly


Anonymous said...

Your studio security looks bored!!....Love, John

Anonymous said...

Love your studio - everything about it, esp the windows, the brick and your gorgeous view. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love the picture of your shelves..your studio is so cool! Suzanne

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