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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

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This blog has been inactive for some time, just making it official.
On this last day of summer, I am retiring the blog….so I can get to WORK.

We survived the summer and the return to school.

While the Mischief and Mayhem are hard at work in their classrooms, I will be laboring….in the studio.      Exploring different mediums, teaching an art lesson or two, and making my dream of living a creative life come true.  Will revive the blog, although in a different format, in the future.  Until then, you can find Mischief and Mayhem…and our newest addition, a puppy named Olive….on Instagram

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Monday, April 21, 2014


and not any closer to outgrowing her nickname

But she was graceful and poised for her very
H  A  P  P  Y
ballet party at a local studio

Tulle draped tables set with gold and pink tableware.

Ballerina cupcake toppers from Amongst Lovely Things (hand crafted vintage inspired party decor via Etsy)  atop simple cupcakes from the Bi-Lo.  Why splurge…when you can buy low.

A table set with champagne and roses (more Bi-Lo.)

A cake topper I crafted to compliment the cupcakes…something to dress up her plain (um, Bi-Lo) cake…we're fancy like that.  "Honey, you don't want anything on the cake?"

A champagne toast.  Cheers to the birthday girl!

Time for their ballet performance. 


Roses for her ballerinas.


ps:  if you see a big gold P floating around, littering the atmosphere…forget you read this post

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Just a quick walk from school, Mischief volunteered our house for the kindergarten egg hunt.  Gulp.  We cut, clipped and cleaned….prepping the front yard for little scavengers.  What took three adults thirty minutes to hide, took this group less than five to find.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Do List

If I quit my job I would…
paint, learn new mediums, daydream with my children, go on picnics, have a spotless home, plant flowers, take my girls to museums, exercise, and take better care of myself.

So, I quit my job.  Now I...
do laundry, pick up legos, referee little girl tantrums, do laundry, carpool, deconstruct forts, do laundry, and have big girl tantrums of my own.  I can feel my brain shrinking and my rear end expanding.

Determined to reorganize my to do list.  So, I'm retiring from the blog for a while…until then, join me on Instagram here.  I promise…no photos of laundry.

Okay, so we finally had a picnic…
scratch one from the to do list!
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